#Giving Tuesday-NOW | COVID-19

In March 2020, IPI followed the government mandate to discontinue face-to-face services to the hundreds of families we service. But we did not quit. Instead, we established our COVID-19 Family Management Team, set up a call-in hotline to address the needs of families via phone, and began conducting classes online, and via online ParentChats. COVID-19 did not stop family challenges, rather it escalated them.

In the hundreds of calls and conversations we’ve had with parents and families since COVID-19, what we do know is that families are struggling with many issues, including meeting basic family living needs, an increase in disruptive and harmful family relationships, academic support for children, teen misbehavior and discipline issues, mental and healthcare stressors, and substance misuse.

FAMILIES ARE STRUGGLING. On this special day of giving, we ask you to join us in this “Help a Parent - Save a Child” community outreach effort with a donation of your choice towards continuing our work of providing services to families with children ages birth to eighteen years. Thank you in advance for your gift, which provides essential services, support, help, and encouragement to those who need it most.

Family Matters

...and Indiana Parenting Institute, Inc.™ (IPI), a 501(c)3 family services community partner, is committed to working with moms and dads to make their parenting a joyful experience.

Our goal, as we work with families, is for parents to establish a foundation of healthy family living for generations.
Scientific research has methodically proven the efficacy of parenting education in protecting the wellbeing of children and in creating safe, healthy, and caring environments for children and families to thrive. Seeking to fill this much-needed gap in services to families in Northwest Indiana, IPI launched its evidence-informed, group-based parentingBirth2Eighteen program model (B2E) in Gary in 2007 to build the capacity of families to keep their children safe and to preserve their family bond (Help a Parent. Save a Child.).

Urban Family Parenting Specialists

As IPI worked primarily with trauma-impacted families throughout Northwest Indiana’s urban centers, it noted that these families flourished when program content was delivered under a fellowshipping atmosphere. Often these families had to mature quickly due to trauma, which left them operating from a self-focused survival mode.

Under the learning conditions provided by B2E, these families were able to build upon their social/emotional skills and others-focus, essential for effective parenting, to improve their life outcomes.

As a result, our programming has received local and state recognition, and is currently also utilized by schools, courts, family services agencies, state departments, and faith-based organizations.