Profiles of Success

Profiles of Success

“IPI Definition: To help parents be better parents where you have that communication with your child; not saying that you are not a good parent, but you can always better yourself learning different things you didn’t know before.

IPI Description: To interact with other parents and learn different things from other parents; and get closer with your child and have that 1-on-1 closeness.”

by: Jeanette C.
Zero Tolerance student

“IPI Definition: A tool for student/parent success. A tool for parenting to help kids learn and succeed and get the goals in life they need to accomplish.

IPI Description: IPI is here to help parents and children. Basically parents to help with children as far as guiding them to the right things in life. Helping parents have better relationships with their children.”

Zero Tolerance student

“At first I thought: Wow! More informative stuff. Another boring something to do in my agenda. LOL

But that all changed when you just take the time to breath & get involved & try to know or get to know the person(s) around you. You just might learn something.

The class is informative and truly has been fun. But also, you never know what a person has been through when you think your plate is full – until you walk in someone else’s shoes.

So with that said, keep your options open, along with your mind.”

PRR student

“IPI Definition: IPI is a place for improvement of parenting skills.

IPI Description: Parenting class assists with various parenting skills, such as how to cope with typical issues faced by parents with their children of various age groups, maintaining a good environment for raising children, issues with discipline of children, etc…

Class provides a therapeutic environment for discussion of parental issues and positive guidance for the resolution of these issues.”

by: Alicia N.
B2E Parenting Course student

“Parenting class really taught me about being more involved in my child’s life, such as schooling. To see why he don’t like to attend school; talk to him more. I also learned about speaking out, doing something to make a change. To find out his goals in life.”

By: D. Harrell
Zero Tolerance student

“I learned things I didn’t know about kids and teens; things I wouldn’t have known on my own. And things that I can do for others that may not know or think they know – helping others that are in the same kind of trouble, I can be of some help to them. And getting to know how to deal with my children better and get along better with them, for me and for them.”

by: Jeannette T.
B2E Parenting Course student

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