How RPC Works

How RPC Works

Preserving the Family

Throughout the year, RPC initiates programs, volunteer opportunities, builds its support base, communicates program goals, and collaborates with its multi-level parenting constituency to affect positive changes in the lives of children, to preserve the family structure, and to strengthen communities.

As a service provider, the Campaign:

  • Initiates and sponsors programs
  • Partners with organizations to deliver the Campaign message
  • Produces and makes available for distribution campaign literature
  • Promotes parenting education awareness
  • Promotes the Campaign in the Media and public forums
  • Engages others in support of the Campaign

Campaign goals are to:

  • Call attention to the value of effective and responsible parenting and parenting education
  • Engage the support of parents, caregivers, and the public and private sectors for effective and responsible parenting and parenting education
  • Decrease the number of children and families entering the social services system
  • Advance the welfare of children, families, and communities

If the Campaign is successful, there will be:

  • Less child endangerment
  • Improved child and family health and wellbeing
  • Fewer children as wards of the State
  • Less poverty
  • More Hoosier children contributing meaningfully to society.