PAMI2018 Breakfast Kickoff

PAMI2018 Breakfast Kickoff

About Lori

Dr. Lori Desautels’ passion is to integrate Educational Neuroscience principles and strategies into classrooms throughout the world. She helps students and teachers learn collectively about their own neuro-anatomy, and how their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are intimately connected to their mind and heart, thus becoming aware of, and better engaged with, their Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Health and well-being.

As a result of this passion, she founded the Educational Neuroscience Symposium, now in its 7th year at Butler Univeristy. Because of her work, Lori has been able to attract the foremost experts in the field of educational neuroscience, trauma, and adversity, growing the conference from 60 participants to over 400.

For more on Lori, check out her TEDtalk.

PAMI2018 Honorees

The following community stakeholders will be recognized for their tireless passion for the well-being of our community and its families in all that they do:

  1. Kevin & Sharon Banks, parents & successful IPI graduates
  2. Alberto & Rosemary Muniz, parents & successful IPI graduates
  3. Anthony Cherry, Principal, 21st Century Charter Schools
  4. Albert Gay, Interim Executive Director, Gary Neighborhood Services
  5. Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (represented by both its Director Jim Brown & Deputy Director Matthew Vincent)
  6. NIPSCO (represented by Senator Eddie Melton)
  7. (and last, but NEVER least) Speros Batistatos, CEO, South Shore CVA and Chair Emeritus of Indiana Parenting Institute, Inc. (IPI)

Your Dr. Desautels Take-Aways

Brain Gain. How to Raise Smarter Kids.

  • Techniques to Boost Intelligence and Productivity in School and in Life
  • Techniques to Improve Focus among Children in a Highly Wired Environment
  • Techniques to Ignite the Fire in Children to Achieve Their Highest Results
  • New Study Techniques to Improve Grades and Overall Productivity
  • The Foundations of a Happy Learner: A Fit Brain + Knowledge
  • How Understanding a Child’s Multiple Intelligences Helps Improve Their Productivity in School
  • 3 CEUs

PAMI2018 Special Guests

  • Senator Joe Donnelly’s Regional Director, Mr. Hodge Patel
  • Congressman Pete Visclosky
  • Senator Eddie Melton

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