Get Involved

Get Involved

During the month of April:

are encouraged to promote and/or host/sponsor a variety of family/parent-centered events and activities under the banner of April is Parenting Awareness Month Indiana, that are:
    • family-fun,
    • free,
    • informative, and
    • promote effective parenting and parent education that protects and advances the wellbeing of children, families, and communities throughout Indiana.

Getting started is EASY.

Here are some suggestions to help get your PAMI event or activity off to a successful finish:

Assess Needs and Manpower

The most important consideration is whether you’re going it alone or whether it’s a group or organization effort.
A Solo Performance

If you’re going it alone, pick easy stuff to do:

    • Send an email or text to your buds about PAMI
    • Place a poster in your window to pique the curiosity of your neighbors
    • Take posters to your barber, grocer, hairdresser, co-worker, family, etc. for them to post
    • Nominate/call attention to business leaders and organizations in your community dedicated to advancing and preserving the well-being of children and families
    • Support, attend, and/or volunteer at PAMI events around the community

A Group/Organization Effort

    • Acknowledge and celebrate parents and families within your organization or within the community as role models worthy of emulation
    • Acknowledge and celebrate business leaders and organizations dedicated to advancing and preserving the well-being of children and families
    • Provide useful and practical guidelines for strengthening family relationships
    • Promote and celebrate PAMI-related events

People in your organization or business will appreciate the fact that you are not only showing support for them in their roles as parents and caregivers, but that you are also showing others that you care and are socially involved in issues that impact families today and for the next generation.

For more PAMI activity/event ideas, ways to promote your PAMI activity/event, and ways to involve your constituents, visit the PAMI Resource Center.

PAMI Resource Center

Because we want you to be successful as a PAMI partner, and to help as many people as you can, we work diligently to provide you with effective, timely, and user-friendly PAMI materials to support your efforts.

Whether this is your 1st PAMI or your 10th, just visit the PAMI Resource Center to access the downloadable promotional materials you’ll need.

Or, if you prefer, we can mail them to you, however there is a cost to reproduce and mail the PAMI ToolKit to you.

Share Your PAMI Plans with Us

We’ve put together a downloadable PAMI Share Experience form with the specific information we need. Simply list your events and activities on this form and return it to us via email, fax, or snail mail as soon as your event/activity is scheduled. We will publish a list of all events and participating organizations on our website for all to reference and to get more ideas about what they can do next year.

Plus, we want to share your successes with other PAMI partners.

Technical Assistance

We desire to bring the best ideas and resources to people raising Hoosier children. So, of course we provide guidance and technical support to help get your PAMI program underway. We can help you:

    • organize activities and events,
    • provide resources to print bulk quantities of PAMI materials,
    • customize PAMI materials with your business logo,
    • facilitate parenting workshops and seminars, and
    • dispatch a qualified keynote speaker for your event.

Feel free to Contact us directly for any of these services.