About PAMI

About PAMI


IPI first introduced PAMI to the City of Gary in April 2007, with the support of Mayor Rudy Clay, the Northwest Indiana Chapter of the National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc., and Love Feast COGIC.

In 2008, support for the initiative grew, with proclamations of support issued by not just Mayor Rudy Clay, but also by Senator Earline Rogers – culminating with a proclamation from Governor Mitch Daniels, along with his Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, that April 2008 is Parenting Awareness Month in Indiana.

Since then, the state of Indiana has continued its support of this initiative with proclamations issued each year by its last 3 governors:

And PAMI has continued to grow and evolve throughout Northwest Indiana, and into other Indiana communities, as a voice for reducing the many adverse health and social outcomes that result from ineffective and impractical parenting.


PAMI believes that:
    • Parents are the primary influence of a child's life behavior and social skills
    • Effective parenting skills are essential to the wellbeing of children, families, and society
    • Informed and effective parenting prevents parental child abuse and neglect, and its outcomes of teen pregnancy, truancy, substance abuse, juvenile crimes, foster care, community deterioration, etc.
    • When we help a parent, we save a child (and a community).
PAMI Goals:
    • Celebrate parenting and the contributions of parents in communities across Indiana
    • Raise awareness that everyone benefits from parenting education and support
    • Raise awareness about the critical, preventive role effective and responsible parenting, as a life-long commitment, plays
    • Promote education and resources for developing parenting skills and increasing parenting capacity
    • Provide parents and families with vital information on the many resources and services available that support families throughout Indiana
    • Align local resources in the development of parent networks
    • Spread the important parenting awareness message that to help a parent is to save a child.

The Kickoff

Each year, PAMI is launched with a community stakeholder kick-off breakfast, touting a renowned (in their field) keynote speaker who is tasked with reiterating to the community the charge for the month – Recognize and Celebrate your Parents! (who have the most important job on the planet...)

Previous keynotes have included:

  • Mayor Rudy Clay
  • Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson
  • Dr. Cheryl Pruitt, Superintendent, Gary Community School Corporation
  • Val Warner, co-host of ABC-TV's Windy City Live
  • Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura, Director, Indiana Department of Child Services
  • First Lady Karen Pence
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