Why Parenting Education?

Why Parenting Education?

“Parenting Education makes parenting in this 21st Century landscape more manageable.”

In order to:

    • Raise healthy, productive children from birth to adulthood today,
    • Meet today’s parental responsibilities and obligations, and
    • Curb the parental stress and frustrations that often lead to child abuse and neglect

a broad scope of parenting knowledge, skills, and support from community resources is required that no one person or parent possesses.

Do you realize how many things influence the outcomes of our parenting?

Environment | State of Mind | Stress | Technology | Life

And often these influences are unexpected, if not uncharted.

As much of a blessing as the internet has been, have you noticed how much it has affected, if not made ineffective, many of our parenting staples?

Parenting needs to adjust and grow to keep up with the times. This doesn’t mean giving up your values, but rather how you plant them and instill them. Otherwise, using old techniques with new and often complex circumstances and challenges (like juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, cyberbullying, even suicide) becomes overwhelming, even frustrating, to manage.

To best manage this influx of new technologies, new norms, and new information, parents need to be kept up-to-date. And parenting education is the vehicle to accomplish this, because the more you know, the more options you have.

Parenting education:

  1. Keeps parents abreast of the latest techniques and practices needed to successfully navigate this new and ever-changing landscape
  2. Is the way parents acquire the skills and knowledge needed to improve their
    personal and family literacy
  3. Is the key to meeting today’s parenting demands, by improving upon one’s current skills and competencies in order to produce successful outcomes in one’s life and family.