IPI-NWI Community Resource Network (CRN)

IPI-NWI Community Resource Network (CRN)

CRN Partner of the Month

Lighthouse Academies (GLCSUA)

Lighthouse Academies’ Gary Upper Academy (GLCSUA) serves children in grades 3-7. They prepare their scholars with rigorous programs that provide them with a foundation that allows them to succeed in and graduate from college. Their unique arts-infused curriculum, with an emphasis on social development and integration of diverse cultural opportunities, augments learning and broadens horizons.

With the goal of being a full-service provider to the families they serve, GLCSUA is launching SHYNE in collaboration with IPI this month. SHYNE, an evidence-based intervention program that works with both the student and parent(s), will serve those families struggling with their student’s behavioral issues. Rather than punish (and thus handicap) these students with detention, suspension or even expulsion, which interferes with their learning, GLCSUA has chosen to assist (and even restore) these families through the services provided by SHYNE.

If you are interested in accessing a full-service learning institution for your students and your family, please contact GLCSUA about school enrollment at 219-880-1762, or even visit them at 1775 W 41st St., Gary. You are always welcome at Lighthouse!

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