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  • COMING November 29, 2016...

    Customer service is one of the fastest growing job categories in the US.  Employment for customer service workers is expected to grow 10% over the next decade, which is higher than average. Indiana Parenting Institute is committed to preparing its parents to take advantage of these job opportunities.

    For more deets or to pre-register, contact Therese at at (219) 886-1111.

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  • COMING December 3, 2016 to IPI...

    Family Management for Workplace Success

    Do you have a plan that ensures your family's safety AND your workplace success? After you attend this workshop, you'll have one.

    Because the more days missed from work due to family emergencies or lack of transportation only takes you farther away from the family & workplace success you seek. And IPI is here to help with that...

    For more deets or to pre-register, call (219) 886-1111.

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  • ATTENTION ALL IPI GRADUATES (from 2007-2016)!!!
    What better way to celebrate our NEW LOCATION than with our students!

    Yes, we are having our 1st IPI CLASS REUNION!!!! FINALLY! ...and just in time for the Holidays!

    with: an Ugly Sweater Contest | Gift Bags for ALL

    | Games | Prizes

    ...and a free LUNCH BUFFET, sponsored by Chik-fil-a!

    RSVP by 12/5/16 at (219) 886-1111 to be part of all the FUN! And click on the photo to the left to download a copy of the invite to share with your fellow classmates...

    See you on 12/9/16 at noon. It's gonna be a PAH-TAY y'all!

  • CLASS is NOW in SESSION...
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    • Zero Tolerance: improving school attendance through parenting education
      (October 17, 2016 - January 4, 2017) - eve
      (December 2, 2016 - February 3, 2017) - day

    • B2E Parenting Course: IPI's foundational parenting skills curriculum
      (Coming soon...)

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