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  • Another Cultural Competency Dialogue is upon us! IPI is pleased to present Tom Branson, Project Director for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department's Violence Intervention Program (VIP), speaking on:

    Street Gang Awareness & Consequences

    A passionate and engaging speaker, Tom will bring his wealth of experience and knowledge working with youth and families in gang prevention, awareness, and consequences to teach parents, youth group leaders, teachers, and other youth-serving professionals how to keep young people gang-free. He will share:
    • The real reason youth join gangs
    • The cultural dynamics of family, youth & gangs
    • Working effectively AND respectfully with youth from diverse backgrounds
    • What you need to know about gang power

    This training, which provides 2 CEU credits, will take place at the East Chicago Public Library, 2401 E. Columbus Dr. in East Chicago from 10am to noon. Please RSVP by July 12th by contacting Tara at at (219) 886-1111. You can also reach out to her if you need further information. And oh yeah, these trainings fill up quickly... And we want to see YOU there!

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      (April 20, 2016 - June 8, 2016)

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