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Learn more about IPI here and its Responsible Parenting Campaign here...


  • PAMI is almost here!
    ...and we'll be launching our 10th year of PAMI - Keeping Kids Safe...and Families Together! - with the Director of the Indiana Department of Child Services, Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura.

    Join us on April 6th at our annual PAMI Kick-Off Breakfast. For all the deets, CLICK HERE.


    Click on the PAMI poster above to learn more about PAMI - and just where YOU fit in...

  • Our next Cultural Competence Dialogue (CCD) is here!

    Ms. Laura Smith-Wynn, IPIs Founder & CEO, will be speaking on:

    "doing the unexpected; deviating from the norm"

    on Thursday, March 30 at Ivy Tech Community College, 1440 E. 35th Ave., Gary, in the Community Room.

    TV reruns are a favorite pastime of many TV watchers. The characters do and say the same thing they said the last time we watched the show, and we laugh or cry at the same point in the show we did the last time. Many of us, and the people we serve as professionals, or the children we raise as parents, live our lives in re-run mode. We continue to repeat the same unwanted conditions and barriers that keep holding us back from what we really want in life, whether it's a better workplace experience, healthier relationships, or more disciplined children. Within the 1st ten minutes of this CCD, Ms. Wynn will give us 5 key methods to "flip-the-script" in our own lives, and in those of the families we serve, or in the children we raise.

    IPIs Dialogues fill up FAST, so please RSVP by contacting Tara at at (219) 886-1111. They provide 2 CEU credits each, and are normally held from 10am to noon at varying locations. For all the deets, ask Tara...

    ...or click on the pic above for a bigger (downloadable) version of the flyer. In fact, don't forget to share this opportunity with your friends...

  •  The Family's Role & Needs in Recovery...
    Did you miss it?

    Click HERE to watch it now...
  • We at IPI are truly humbled...
    IPI is most grateful for the honor given it by the Governor’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement, Treatment, and Prevention in its Final Report to the Governor presented on December 5, 2016, where it identified Indiana Parenting Institute as a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Best Practice, "...that may serve as a model for other communities." Click on the picture to the right for the report.
  • CLASS is NOW in SESSION...
    • B2E Parenting Course: IPI's foundational parenting skills curriculum
      (January 4 - February 22, 2017)

    • Zero Tolerance: improving school attendance through parenting education
      (January 6 - February 27, 2017) - day
      (January 23 - March 29, 2017) - eve

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